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Dr. Dusty Jessen


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Columbine Hearing Care supports the Academy of Doctors of Audiology
Columbine Hearing Care supports the Academy of Doctors of Audiology
Columbine Hearing Care is a proud member of Dr. Cliff's Hearing Up Network

Network by

Dr. Cliff

Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology

Hearing Loss Association of America

Personalized & Professional Hearing Care

At Columbine Hearing Care, we pride ourselves on providing personalized hearing and communication solutions.  Dr. Dusty and Brenda both have close family members with hearing loss, so they understand the frustrations that can go along with it.  Every patient is treated like family as we work together with our patients, and their family members, to find the best solutions for everyone.

What are Best Practices?

Best practices ensure that you are receiving top-quality, professional care.  Unfortunately, there are many providers who don’t follow them.  Watch this video to learn more about the importance of best practices, and the exceptional care you will receive when you visit Columbine Hearing Care.

Best Practices

We exceed industry best practice standards during every step of the hearing evaluation and treatment process and are proud members of the Hearing Up Network by Dr. Cliff.

State-of-the Art Testing

Our comfortable sound booth and advanced diagnostic equipment allow us to take accurate measurements of your hearing abilities.

Happy Patients

Our patients become like family to us as we work together to make sure you stay connected to the people and moments that matter most.

Meet Dr. Dusty
Dr. Dusty Jessen owner of Columbine Hearing Care in Littleton Colorado

A Colorado native, Dr. Jessen has been practicing audiology in the Denver area since 2001. After 2 years at Presbyterian St. Luke’s Hospital and 15 years as the Director of Audiology in a busy Ear, Nose, & Throat practice, Dr. Jessen opened Columbine Hearing Care in 2017. She prides herself in providing personalized care that exceeds best practice guidelines and treats all of her patients like they are family.

As a young audiology student, Dr. Jessen diagnosed her own mother with severe hearing loss. Having a close family member with hearing loss has given her unique insights into the role that family members play in the lives of those with hearing difficulties. She understands that hearing loss treatment doesn’t end with professionally-fit hearing devices. Therefore she takes extra time with each and every patient, and their family members, to educate and empower them with the skills needed to overcome challenges related to hearing loss.

Dr. Jessen’s passion for counseling and education led her to write and publish the critically-acclaimed book, Frustrated by Hearing Loss? 5 Keys to Communication Success which is used by hearing care professionals worldwide to educate their patients. Dr. Jessen is a frequent speaker at state and national audiology conventions as well as a guest lecturer for several university audiology doctoral programs.

Finally, Dr. Jessen is passionate about ensuring that professional hearing care is available to all people, regardless of financial status. She is a founding member of the non-profit organization Hearing the Call – Colorado through which she provides donated hearing aids and follow-up care, free of charge, to income-qualified Colorado residents. Dr. Jessen makes a personal donation to Hearing the Call for every hearing aid purchased through her practice. She also participates in international humanitarian hearing missions around the world.

While she is proud to be a Hearing Up Network provider, receiving care that follows best practices is just the tip of the iceberg for Dr. Jessen’s patients. She welcomes you to visit Columbine Hearing Care and experience the professional and personalized treatment that will reconnect you with your loved ones and truly make you feel like a part of the Columbine Hearing Care family.

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Personalized Care


Happy Patients


“She took the time to really understand what I was looking for.”

Just Ask Our Patients!

“Dr. Dusty and Brenda have given me outstanding information, education, service and follow up since I received my hearing aids from them. They are very knowledgeable in the field of hearing loss and how to treat it to meet specific needs."

– Susan H.

"Dr. Dusty is absolutely the best of the best. She gives her clients her complete attention, is so personable, kind and responsive, and truly wants to enhance the lives of those she serves. "

– Shawna F.

“I've had hearing aids for about 12 years but hardly ever wore them because I hated them. I decided to try the new and improved version. Well, thanks to Brenda at Columbine Hearing Care, I am wearing them everyday. My family and I want to thank you."

– Terry B.