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Hearing Loss

Dr. Dusty works with a hearing loss patient

Are you one of the 36 million Americans suffering from hearing loss? If so, you probably have a lot of questions and concerns about your hearing health.

What is hearing loss?

Hearing loss refers to the reduced ability to perceive sounds and understand speech. It can range from mild to profound, and it can occur in one or both ears. Loss of hearing can be categorized into two main types: conductive hearing loss, which affects the transmission of sound waves, and sensorineural hearing loss, which involves damage to the inner ear or auditory nerve.

What causes hearing loss?

  • Aging: Also known as presbycusis, a person may lose hearing as a natural part of the aging process.
  • Noise exposure: Prolonged exposure to loud noises, such as loud music, machinery, or firearms, can damage the delicate structures of the inner ear.
  • Genetics: Some forms of hearing loss are hereditary and can be passed down through families.
  • Medical conditions: Certain medical conditions like otosclerosis, Ménière’s disease, and autoimmune disorders can lead to hearing loss.
  • Ear infections: Chronic or untreated ear infections can cause hearing loss, especially in children.
  • Trauma: Head injuries or severe trauma to the head or ears can result in hearing loss.

The Littleton hearing loss professionals at Columbine Hearing Care understand what it’s like to be diagnosed with hearing loss, and we’re here to offer you the support and treatment that you need to take control of your hearing health.

Take a look through this information to learn more about hearing loss, hearing protection and the auditory system. You can also take a look at our quick and simple online hearing test if you’re concerned about your hearing health.

How to treat hearing loss?

The treatment approach will depend on the type of hearing loss and severity. 

Some of the treatment approaches include:

  • Hearing aids: These small electronic devices amplify sound and help individuals with hearing loss hear more clearly.
  • Cochlear implants: Suitable for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss, cochlear implants bypass damaged parts of the inner ear and stimulate the auditory nerve directly.
  • Assistive listening devices: These devices, such as personal amplifiers and FM systems, enhance sound for specific situations, like watching TV or attending lectures.
  • Communication strategies: Learning techniques like lip-reading and sign language can aid in effective communication.

Hearing Loss Solutions in Littleton, CO


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