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Unitron Hearing Aids | Littleton, CO

Originally founded in 1964, Unitron started out as a hearing aid manufacturer based in Newfoundland, Canada. They are the first hearing aid manufacturer from Canada and fast forward to now, Unitron is one of the trusted hearing aid brands known and respected globally for its revolutionary hearing aid technology. Unitron has received various accolades and awards for its technology and products.

Why choose Unitron hearing aids?

When we talk about Unitron, groundbreaking innovations and award-winning technology come to mind.

Unitron has been raising its flag in the field of hearing solutions, and the recent awards bestowed to the company are proof of its excellence.

These awards include:

  • Red Dot Awards for Product Design
  • Honorable mention for Moxi B-R in the RIC Hearing Aids Category
  • Hearing Technology Innovator AwardsTM – Stride B-UP in the BTE Hearing Aids Category

Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron Hearing Aids Technology

Unitron hearing aids are built with various technologies that help make it easier for individuals with hearing loss to hear more comfortably and clearly.

Below are some of the key features and technologies found in Unitron hearing aids:

  • SoundCore Technology: Known as Unitron’s proprietary technology, SoundCore Technology empowers Unitron hearing aids to process sound in a manner that mimics the natural hearing process. It also enables the hearing aids to separate speech from noise while automatically adjusting to constantly changing listening environments.
  • SpeechZone: Listening to speech in a crowded or noisy room is one of the many challenges of people with hearing loss. Through Unitron’s SpeechZone technology, hearing aids can automatically focus on the speaker’s voice, even in noisy or crowded listening scenes, making speech clearer and more comprehensible.
  • Flex: Hearing aids need more than simple amplification. A good hearing aid goes beyond amplification by ensuring that the amplified sounds are clear and at a comfortable level. Unitron’s Flex technology is engineered to reduce harshness and distortion to make sounds more comfortable.

Unitron Hearing Aids


The Unitron Moxi line is composed of behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids designed to provide a discreet and impressively comfortable hearing solution.

Unitron Moxi models:

  • Moxi B-312
  • Moxi B-R
  • Moxi B-RT
  • Moxi Move R
  • Moxi Jump R T
  • Moxi Fit


Discreet and powerful – those are two words that perfectly describe Unitron Shine hearing aids. Available as in-the-ear, behind-the-ear, and completely-in-canal designs, Unitron Shine provides clear audio without compromising battery life and design.

Unitron Shine models:

  • Shine Rev+ RIC
  • Shine Rev+ M
  • Shine Rev+ P
  • Shine Rev+ UP
  • Shine Rev+ CIC
  • Shine rev+ Canal Half Shell
  • Shine Rev+ Canal Full Shell


Everyone deserves a hearing aid that is comfortable, reliable, and can go the extra mile of giving the best listening experience even in the most challenging listening situations. Unitron Stride is a reliable hearing solution that can boost not only your hearing but your confidence as well.

Unitron Stride models:

  • Stride B-UP
  • Stride B-PR
  • Stride M
  • Stride P R
  • Stride P
  • Stride P Dura


Unitron Max hearing aids are built to be strong, reliable and come with various styles and features to address a wide range of hearing losses.

Unitron Max models:

  • Max SP
  • Max UP

Unitron Hearing Aid App

Unitron Remote Plus app: This app allows you to control and adjust your very own Unitron hearing aids directly from your smartphone or compatible mobile device. The app is compatible for both iOS and Android devices and can be applied to a wide range of Unitron hearing aids.

Unitron Hearing Aid Accessories

  • PartnerMic
  • Remote Control
  • TV Connector
  • Moxi R Charger
  • Moxi Charger power pack
  • Charger for Stride PR
  • Remote Control 2
  • IIC Remote
  • uDirect™ 3
  • uTV™ 3

Columbine Hearing Care: Unitron Hearing Aids Authorized Provider in Littleton, CO

Columbine Hearing Care is an authorized provider of Unitron hearing aids and accessories, servicing patients of Littleton, CO, and nearby communities.

If you would like to know more about Unitron hearing aids and accessories, or have any concerns or queries about your hearing health, schedule an appointment with us today!