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Custom Earmolds

Custom Earmolds from Columbine Hearing Care in Littleton, CO

Everyone’s ears are similar, but no two ears are exactly alike. Since ears are unique, many people find “one size fits all” products uncomfortable, ineffective, ill fitting and problematic. That’s why many patients turn to custom earmolds for a top-notch solution.

Custom earmolds are crafted using silicone molds of your ears and offer a selection of features that can be customized for your needs and lifestyle in Littleton. Custom earmolds offer patients a perfect fit, long-term comfort, protection from noise, frequency-specific hearing options and unparalleled acoustics. Here are some examples of what products can be created form custom earmolds.

Custom Hearing Protection from Columbine Hearing Care in Littleton, CO

  • Custom earbuds and headphones cut out unwanted sounds from your surroundings in order to deliver high quality acoustics at a volume that won’t damage your ears.
  • Custom earplugs block out potentially damaging loud noises and offer top-notch sound protection that is comfortable and effective.
  • Custom hearing aids are used to manufacture most in-the-ear and in-the-canal hearing devices for a comfortable and secure fit that guarantees excellent sound quality and clarity.
  • Custom earpieces ensure sound is being transmitted at a safe volume through a comfortable earpiece and are commonly used for headsets and radios.
  • Custom stethoscopes and other instruments offer medical professionals a comfortable, tight fit when assessing patients’ medical needs.
  • Custom hunter’s plugs protect your ears from the sound of firearms while allowing in subtle sounds from the surrounding environment using a special design with a noise-reactive valve.
  • Custom musician’s monitors allow music makers to hear the feedback they need to ensure the band sounds great while simultaneously blocking out loud, damaging sound coming from surrounding speakers and instruments.
  • Custom swimmer’s plugs prevent painful conditions like ear infections, swimmer’s ear and surfer’s ear by creating a tight, waterproof seal in the ear canal.