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Hearing Aid Services in Littleton, CO

Hearing loss can have a big impact on one’s quality of life, making it challenging to communicate with family, friends, and colleagues. This can negatively affect relationships and daily activities.

It is essential to acquire the right hearing aid that fits your specific hearing loss – programmed, fitted, and adjusted by an audiologist or board-certified hearing instrument specialist. A properly-programmed and well-fitting hearing aid not only improves your hearing but also boosts your confidence and overall well-being.

At Columbine Hearing Care, we offer various hearing aid services to help you find the perfect device for your unique hearing needs. Our team of experienced audiologists and hearing instrument specialists conduct detailed evaluations to determine the extent of your hearing loss and recommend the most suitable hearing aids that will work for you.

We offer a wide selection of hearing aid styles from trusted brands and manufacturers in the industry. Our hearing aid services follow best practices and include hearing aid fittings, adjustments, and real ear verification measurements to ensure your device is working optimally.

In addition, our clinic also offers repair and maintenance services for issues you may experience with your hearing aid.

We are committed to providing comprehensive hearing care to our patients and will work with you to address any concerns you may have.

Hearing Aid Selection

Hearing aids are an investment. They can help improve communication, promote better cognitive function, reduce social isolation, and give you an overall improved quality of life.

There are several factors to consider when selecting a hearing aid. The first and most important thing to consider is your hearing care provider. There are several hearing aids available online or over-the-counter and while they come at temptingly low prices, you need to consider the fact that they are not fit by a professional hearing care provider, like an audiologist or board-certified hearing instrument specialist.

An audiologist is trained in hearing testing and can best provide you with personalized hearing solutions. It is essential to get your hearing evaluated by an audiologist to determine the type and extent of your hearing loss. Based on the results of your hearing tests, an audiologist can recommend hearing aids that are appropriate for your unique hearing requirements. These prescribed devices should be professionally fit by an audiologist or board-certified hearing instrument specialist.

Hearing aid styles

Hearing aids come in various styles, ranging from behind-the-ear (BTE), in-the-ear (ITE), to completely-in-canal (CIC) options. The technology of hearing aids also vary, depending on the style and design.
We understand that selecting the right hearing aid can be overwhelming. To make it easier for you to decide what style of hearing aid to choose, we’ve included a list of hearing aid styles below:

Behind-The-Ear (BTE) – BTE hearing aids are usually recommended for moderate to severe hearing loss. The style is not very discreet since a part of it is visible behind the ear. However, it can carry more features and technology which is why it is a great choice for more severe degrees of hearing loss.

In-The-Ear (ITE) – As its name implies, this type of hearing aid sits inside the ear canal and is custom-made to fit your ear. It is easy to use and is suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Receiver-In-The-Canal (RIC) – This type of hearing aid is quite similar to BTEs, with a small portion of the device sitting behind the ear. RICs are more discreet than BTEs, and can be used for mild to severe hearing loss. RIC devices are known for their comfort, natural sound quality, and ease of use, making them the most popular hearing aid style.

In-The-Canal (ITC) – Partially fit inside the ear canal, ITCs are custom-made and are a good choice if you are looking for a discreet hearing aid.

Completely-In-The-Canal (CIC) – CICs are fitted completely inside the ear canal, making them the most discreet or “invisible” hearing aid available. They are recommended for mild to moderate hearing loss and can also be a great option for individuals with active or sporty lifestyles.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Selecting the right hearing aid is a crucial step in addressing your hearing loss. After your hearing evaluation, we will recommend hearing aids that are best suited for your specific needs. Once you have selected a hearing aid, we will begin the customization and fitting process.

During the fitting process, we will make sure that the hearing aids fit comfortably and securely in your ear. We will also program the devices to your specific hearing loss, adjusting settings such as amplification/volume, noise reduction, and/or directional microphones.

Hearing Aid Programming and Adjustments

Programming and adjustments are part of hearing aid fitting. Even the best and most expensive hearing aid will need to be programmed to a wearer’s specific hearing loss.

Hearing aid programming and adjustment is a crucial step in ensuring that the device is working effectively and giving the best possible hearing improvement. Over time, hearing aid adjustments may be needed depending on your needs and changes in hearing.

Audiologists use special tools, equipment, and software to carry out the most accurate hearing aid programming and adjustments. At Columbine Hearing Care, all hearing aid programming and adjustments are performed by a doctor of audiology or a board-certified hearing instrument specialist..

This means that you receive expert hearing care throughout the entire process. We take a scientific yet personalized approach to hearing care, working closely with each of our patients to ensure that all hearing aids are delivering optimal performance and comfort.

Real ear measurements

Real ear measurement (REM) is a method that audiologists use to measure the sound levels in the ear canal while a hearing aid is also inside. REM allows audiologists to make necessary adjustments to the hearing aid, ensuring that it is giving the appropriate sound quality and amount of amplification for a patient’s specific hearing needs.

Why is a real ear measurement important?

Real ear measurement is necessary because it provides audiologists with objective, accurate, and individualized data that can help fine-tune the hearing aid for a patient’s specific hearing requirements.

Without real ear measurement, it can be challenging to determine if the hearing aid is providing the correct level of amplification at all frequencies. Real ear measurement also allows us to check if the hearing aid is producing too much feedback or distortion.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Taking care of your hearing aids daily doesn’t mean that they are invincible from needing repairs and maintenance. Since hearing aids are worn many hours a day, it is expected for them to undergo wear and tear. We offer regular hearing aid servicing, troubleshooting, and professional repairs at Columbine Hearing Care.

As part of our hearing aid repair and maintenance services, we are proud to use the Redux hearing aid drying system, a state-of-the-art moisture removal system that significantly improves sound quality and overall hearing aid performance.

Columbine Hearing Care | Hearing Aid Services in Littleton, CO

With our expertise in audiology and commitment to quality hearing care, you can trust that your hearing is in good hands.

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