Online Hearing Test

If you or a loved one suspects hearing loss, it’s important you take steps now in order to have the best chance for successful treatment. Because most hearing loss develops gradually over time, it is often difficult to detect until it has reached an advanced stage. To help people gauge the possibility of hearing loss, the American Academy of Otolaryngology has developed a short online hearing test, self-assessment quiz. Please answer the following questions YES or NO.

  1. Do people seem to mumble or speak in a softer voice more than they use to?
  2. Do you feel tired or irritable after a long conversation?
  3. Do you sometimes miss key words in a sentence?
  4. Do you frequently need to ask people to repeat themselves?
  5. Do you have difficulty understanding the conversation in a crowded room?
  6. Do you often turn the volume up on the TV or radio?
  7. Does background noise bother you?
  8. Is it sometimes hard to hear the conversation on the telephone?
  9. Do you sometimes not hear the doorbell or telephone ring?
  10. Are your family or friends complaining about your hearing?

Audiologist conducting a hearing testIf you answered YES to two or more of these questions, there is a possibility you may have hearing loss. We encourage you to schedule a hearing assessment with one of our Columbine Hearing Care providers.  This assessment will confirm whether you have a hearing loss and if so, the type and extent. If hearing loss is present, you and your provider will work closely to determine the best treatment plan for your individual hearing and communication needs.