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November 2022

It always seems that the holidays are here before we know it.  Didn’t we just put away those Christmas decorations a couple of months ago? 😲In this month’s newsletter, we’ll give you some office updates, technology updates, and tips to help you prepare for the holidays!  Here’s what you can expect:

  • Office Updates: Meet Lisa, New Payment Options
  • Roger: Helping You Hear in Background Noise (Holiday Gatherings!)
  • Sound Bites with Brenda: When to Change Your Wax Guards

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Dr. Dusty

Dr. Dusty Jessen owner of Columbine Hearing Care in Littleton Colorado

Meet Lisa, The New “Voice” of Columbine

Lisa Bell, Columbine Hearing Care's Patient Care Coordinator

I’m excited to introduce Lisa Marie Davis Bell.  Those of you who’ve already had the pleasure of speaking with Lisa on the phone know what an incredible addition Lisa is to the Columbine Hearing Care Team!  Lisa’s official title is “Patient Care Coordinator” but you will recognize her as the “voice” of Columbine Hearing Care as she answers or returns your phone calls, answers your questions, and schedules your appointments.  We are so lucky to have Lisa in this role because 1) She is so smart and kind, and 2) She is an Audiologist so she is very knowledgeable about the issues you are calling in about!  Lisa works for us remotely from her home in Arizona.

Paying for Your Hearing Loss Treatment

People sometimes ask us, “Why are hearing aids so expensive?” and the answer has 2 parts:

1. Professionally-fit hearing aids are incredibly sophisticated computers in a tiny package.

2. You are paying for much more than the devices. When you pay us for your hearing loss treatment, it includes all of the testing, education, counseling, verification, maintenance, repairs, warranties, and follow-up care for at least 3 years.

Because hearing loss is a progressive degenerative disorder, it is critical for patients to stay up-to-date with their technology and follow-up care.  Since technology changes quickly, the new recommendation is to upgrade your hearing aids every 4-5 years.  We are excited to offer new payment options to help you keep up with this important investment in your health and your quality of life.  Click the button below to read about our new Leasing Program, Monthly Rental Program, and a new 15-month no-interest financing option.

Roger: Helping You Hear in Noise

Be prepared for those holiday gatherings!

Prepare for the holidays with Roger to help you hear in noise
Roger Pen

Today’s hearing aid technology does an excellent job of improving speech understanding, but many people still struggle to hear in noisy situations.  As we prepare for the holidays, are you ready to hear your best in those noisy family gatherings?

The Phonak Roger is a sophisticated accessory that uses specialized directional microphone technology to pick up the voices you want to hear when you’re in a noisy situation.  Studies show that it improves speech understanding more than 60% for group conversations in loud noise!  Roger is compatible with newer models of Phonak and Unitron hearing aids, so if you currently wear one of these brands, you can add Roger to help in those noisy environments!  And if you are thinking about upgrading  your current devices, be sure to ask us about Roger!

There are 2 models of the Roger and we have them both in stock.  Here’s the best part…Roger devices normally sell for $1750, but we are selling our in-stock models for as low as $500!  Roger is something you truly have to experience so we encourage you to call our office today to schedule your free in-office demonstration!  Want to learn more?  CLICK HERE for a short video review about Roger.

Sound Bites

by Brenda A. Garcia, BC-HIS

As we discussed in our previous newsletter, Dusty and I thought it would be helpful if we facilitated some interaction with all of you on a fun and different platform. As a reminder, my goal for this segment is to educate, provide tips for additional support and answer general hearing/hearing aid related questions. So, please, keep those questions coming!

November’s Sound Bite is a question we are asked frequently:

Brenda A Garcia, hearing instrument specialist at Columbine Hearing Care in Littleton Colorado

How often should I change the wax guards on my hearing aids? (Or as many of you call them, “That little white  thingy on the end of my hearing aid.”😆)

This is a great question because it ties into the number one reason you may call our office – your hearing aids stopped working!

Picture it: You got up this morning and took a nice long stretch, ready to start your day with a hot cup of coffee. You reach for your hearing aid, and place it into your ear only to find it isn’t working!! Oh no, the panic that you feel! But, fear not, it’s usually a SIMPLE fix.

Change That Wax Guard!

Consider this your ever-so-important reminder to change your wax guards once every 3 months. If you get into the routine of PROACTIVELY changing your wax guards every 3 months, we have found that this morning scenario may be completely PREVENTED. In some special cases, (you know who you are), Dusty or I may have instructed you to change your wax guards on a different schedule due to the level of wax you uniquely do or do not produce. If we have given you tailored instructions, please continue to follow those guidelines. As a general rule, changing the wax guards every 3 months is an integral part of your hearing aid’s function AND life expectancy. It’s keeping wax out of the places we don’t want it!

Every hearing aid manufacturer has its own type of wax guards, but they all operate essentially the same way. One end of the applicator tool is barbed and used for the removal of the old wax guard on the end/tip of your hearing aid. Rotate the applicator tool to install the new wax guard. Here’s a short video to provide a visual. (NOTE: This video has no audio but contains closed captioning.)

Prepare for holiday gatherings by making sure your hearing aids are functioning their best BEFORE all the friends and relatives arrive!  This includes changing those wax guards.  If you find yourself running low on wax guards, please give us a call and we will get you the correct style for your hearing aids. As always, if you’re uncomfortable doing this yourself, we are just a phone call away.