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In May of 2022, I had the unique opportunity to attend a Neuroscience Bootcamp in Dallas, TX. I was honored to be asked to speak at the bootcamp about my 5 Keys to Communication Success educational program (most of you have received my book and many of you are receiving the emails that go with it). I love teaching and encouraging my colleagues to improve their education and counseling skills. But the highlight of this conference, to me, was all of the incredible information I learned. I’ll be sharing more in upcoming posts, but the general theme was this:

Hearing loss is a neurodegenerative disorder that MUST be treated as early as possible in order to preserve cognitive function (memory, attention, and processing).  My other takeaway was that technology DOES matter.  Newer technology with advanced processing and AI (artificial intelligence) learning, when fit properly by a trained professional, is essential to effectively treating hearing loss and preventing cognitive decline. So, if you’ve been putting off getting hearing aids, or are wearing older technology, you can bet that Brenda and I will be strongly encouraging you to take action because our mission is to keep our patients connect to the people and moments that matter most, and that means providing you with the BEST treatment available.  Ready to try the newest treatment options?  CLICK HERE to schedule your appointment today!